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Stichting Inspringtheater (Jump-in Theatre) organises workshops, courses and produces theatre performances. Inspringtheater works with the participatory theatre technic, called Forum Theatre to bring creativity in the world of science and to encourage dialogue, critical thinking and empowerment.


To create a special board for Inspringtheater, we are looking for students at the WUR who would like to join as members and gain practical skills and knowledge on organising events combining interactive theatre with (agricultural) themes. As a general board member, you will think along about our plans and activities. You can also organise your own events or help with organisational tasks like the following (tasks can be split among more people): • join board meetings to think along about new activities, policies and acquisition (approximately 1 meeting per month) • create PR (posters, post on social media) and recruit new students to join in theatre plays • doing research for new projects: for example, by interviewing farmers or investigate about other creative/participatory methods that can be of use for our projects • see our other vacancies for more tasks


• Attendance at the board meetings (once a month) • enthusiasm • knowledge of or affinity with social and agricultural topics

Wat heeft u de vrijwilliger te bieden?:

• opportunities to develop your communication and organisational skills and to learn about participatory methods • opportunity to bring creative ideas in reality • Free access to all Inspringtheater & Boerengroep activities and lots of fun!


1-2 hours per week

Wat wij vrijwilligers aanbieden

💸 Onkostenvergoeding🤝 Extra begeleiding

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De organisator heeft deze vacature gemarkeerd als gevuld. Aanmeldingen zijn gesloten.
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